Friday, 27 March 2015

Evaluation 8- What did I learn

Part 8- Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?

Overall I think that our title sequence has had its ups and downs but came out very successful and I am proud of our end product as is what we hoped for. Things that were successful about or preliminary task was the whole production as when we filmed everything seemed to go right and we didn't need to film that many times for the whole sequence. Apart from the odd un-focused image, wrong angle or props failing to work whilst filming everything ran smoothly and it didn't take us long at all to get what we needed. When using Go-Pro we feel this was the most successful filming time for us, even though we had never used it before we experimented on a few shots and the shot that we gained from it was probably our most favourite out of the whole sequence. When things weren't planned and we just gave them a go we found they came out the best. We successfully followed our storyboards and when going to film knew what we was doing and what needed to be done. When gaining feedback we always had good comments on our music choice and I feel it was a successful choice too as it goes very well with the narrative and the action in the sequence. Even though me and Frankie were both clueless about editing some aspects went well but could of gone better.

On the other hand I feel we could of made something a little more original but considering action thriller is a popular choice we made it very much our own. I think we could of done a little more research and planning before we made the title sequence.

Evalution 7- Technologies

Part 7- What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

Throughout the pre-production/production/post-production we knew that we was going to use a DSLR for all of our filming. This decision was made because for example our first shot was of the news report and needed to be focused so using a DSLR on a tripod was appropriate.
We decided to use the Go-Pro camera for one particular shot which was the kidnapping shot where Dan puts a pillow case over the 'politicians' head, as we had never used go-pro we thought we would give it a try and it turned  out to be successful as by using the go-pro on the actors head it gave more of an effect and made it seem as if it was from his point of view. By using a tripod in shots it was easier to capture for example when the three anarchists were running I made the tripod low and placed it in a certain place so it only captured the bottom of their feet whist running past. In the process I learnt a lot about using a DSLR camera as I'd never really used one for filming before. Using blogger was something new to me as well. Something that was less successful for me was editing as Frankie took on that role whilst I done the majority of the cinematography.

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Evaluation 5- Social Class

Part 5- How does your media product represent particular social groups?

In our title sequence we represent social groups in multiple ways, you are instantly able to tell our social group when the shot of Dan our actor is dragging his bat along the gate wearing his gas mask and black hooded jumper. The social group we were aiming for is young violent anarchists and by the shots, editing, sound, mise-en-scene, typography, iconography and expressionism used I think we portrayed this well. We represented our social group through costume by choosing to have Dan dressed in a black hoody, black long coat, black vans and black jeans or anyone in the scenes in similar clothing either wearing the gas mask or medicine mask to portray them as typical anarchists, by all the clothing being dark this can also connote danger or mystery. By Dan holding a bat and slowly dragging it across some gates it could connote that he is going to do something with the weapon and agrees to the stereotypical violent young person wearing a hoody that carries around a weapon with them in a dangerous manner as gas masks and baseball bats are not something you normally associate with 'good'. Our setting for a lot of our shots was the graffiti tunnel of Leak Street underneath Waterloo east station which is a very odd location where people with all different social groups do different things. Being an underpass it is something that you would associate with darkness, intense and rough and graffiti normally has negative connotations which again would link back to a young teenage social class who have nothing better to do than cause trouble and hang in dark areas. Our soundtrack ‘head on collision’ is a fast pace, aggressive piece which would appeal to a younger social group as it is energetic and jumpy which matches the action to go with it. The typography used in our title sequence can also link to our social group as it is a plain colour nothing too bright and it blurs in with our static effect. The editing throughout matches the action which goes along with the music which can link to our events especially in the case of our main character being an anarchist. Most of our scenes in our title sequence are quite light which doesn’t exactly connote to our social group but could show that the action they cause are in the day time which again links the ideology of young reckless people however there are dark scenes for example the hostage which makes it very effective and more daunting. The way we used props to portray our social group was the baseball bat which is see as a weapon, a spray paint can which symbolises vandalism and again youngsters and the gas masks and hospital masks used which covers up the identity of the young anarchists and also never shows their emotion.

Evaluation 3- Distributor

Part 3- What kind of media institiution might distribute your media product and why?

Evalution Part 2- Audience

Part 2- Who would be the audience for your product?

Evaluation Part 1-Brief

Part 1- Brief
Creating a title sequence for a film with the genre of our choice was the brief we was working towards. My group consisted of me and Frankie and we knew we had to try and deliver the codes and conventions of the genre of choice throughout the sequence and use our skills to research, present, shoot and edit all of our title sequence in order that gain our end goal. After ideas for what genre we could use were discussed we finally settled at the idea of an action thriller, which has a political violent twist. We researched into different similar title sequences and designers to get a further understanding of what to include in our sequence and learn how we could be inspired by these sequences and use aspects of them in our own. We looked at the title sequences of V for vendetta, Dawn of the dead and the purge; anarchy which are similar to our idea.

Our title sequence is called ‘Anarchy’ and is about the government cutting the NHS in which a revolution is the only solution. It is based in London. In the title sequence we see many different events that happen through out the riot using some real footage from the London riots. The sub genres we went for are thriller and action; even though the costumes and events can be seen as thriller there are a lot of action shots tying the two together.